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also check out this

In Spinal cord you will probably be tested in this 6 classic lesions:
a. Tabaes dorsalis: seen in tertiary syphilis. Pt with bilateral loss of touch, vibration and tactile sense from lower limbs do tue lesion of fasciculus gracilis

b. Amiotrophic lateral sclerosis: is a combined Upper and lower motor neuron lession fot he corticospinal tract.
Let's break what i said.
corticospinal tract means form up to down...that is descendent way
upper motor neuron lession will have spastic pareasia an babinsky
lower motor neuron means...the same patient will have flacid paresia ( some times not seen because there is an overlaping symptoms with upper neuron) but you will se fascilculations that are very characteristic of lower motor neuron.

c. Brown the typical pt going night to the bar and stabbed in back....come to emergency and has a complete hemisection of medula.
This patiente can have ipsilateral loss of touch and vibration adn ipsilateral spastic paresia becouse the upper motor neurone fibers were cut. Also ipsilateral will be some sort of lower motor neuron damage sometimes no seen.
Contralateral will be just loss of pain and touch.
If the hemisection is very high, I mean pt stabbed in neck above T1 you will see Horner on the side of lesions. Horner are always ipsilateral.
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