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It will take three or four one-hour sessions to teach you. I charge $40/hour. My first session is FREE. If i can't convince you of a second session, it would have cost you one hour of time (that's it).

I am an IMG and have not taken the steps, but i am sure about my method.

Now that we got that out the way...this is my philosophy:

I believe that proper encoding is key to learning and repetition is the key long-term learning. Broad concepts should be learned first, then the details. Learning is more powerful and interesting when creativity is employed and it also leads to stronger habits and dedicated focus. Testing is superior to studying allowing for clear pathways for retrieval of learnt information. Interleaving concepts while learning is better than a monotonous approach leading to more robust results.

With my program i am confident that i can deliver the following:

1. Dramatically increase short and long term memory by employing spaced repetition
2. Save time for several reasons: The flashcards are already made and organized into decks. Further the more you review the concept the less time you spend on the concept
3. Save money simply because our system cost significantly less than commercial review courses.
4. The Flexibility of the android app for smart phones and tablets means that you can study off-line and study anywhere you can take your phone
5. Organize your studying with the app which automatically schedules your studying. It tells you What concept you need to focus on and When, so you can focus on important concepts. This will eliminate the "what do i need to study today" guessing game.
6. Have Fun with our program where you will create imagery and mental palaces because, fun things are more likely to get things done than boring things.
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