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So I have been reading around in this forum for quite a while and finally decided that I want to take step1.

a bit about me
I am a 23 year old medical student from Germany, I am in my 2nd year of med school (total 8 semester of 12).
I have been doing research to receive my doctorate during the last 10 months, I got published and have been on a couple of medical conventions. One I am going to is Immunology 2011 in San Francisco in May.

I have also done a medical clerkships (not observerships) in Columbus, Ohio and a research project abroad.

Anyway I started thinking about taking step 1 and reading through this forum shows me how difficult this route is going to be. I am scared to start, to see how difficult this is going to be.

I am planning to take it in January 2012.

I have been using The Robbins for pathology, it's not my favorite book. I guess going with Goljan is a must.

I'll prepare with

- FA 2010
- Kaplan Lecture notes the green ones
- the new Kaplan videos.. (I know they are difficult to get, but I am lucky)
- Goljan audio
- Goljan Pathology
- UsmleWorld

I have planned to read through Kaplan and watch the videos at the same time, cause I really have time so I don't have to hurry.

My questions:
1. Would it be best to do the questions banks about 2-3 months before the exam after I reviewed every detail?
2. NBME forms: are those always the same questions at each form or do they change them every once in a while.

I'd be glad for support and help

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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