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serious partner

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am Ahmed from Alexandria-Egypt -gastroentrology resident..
may we can be partners in finishing step 1 US..
i have just finished section 1 biochemistry and will start in section 2 genetics..but i can start anything on the crossroads now...
tell me what is ur plan ??
my email is
[email protected]
waiting for reply...

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still looking

hello......Im planning to take my step1 in march/april.....if u r looking for a study partner then kindly gimme ur email id or any messenger id and we can co-ordinate. By the way i just started my prep.
we are looking for the same elegibility period add me a skype catigutvel
Hi, here a brief summarized of me i am img from Peru means if you still Indi i am 12 hours behind you cuz my time eastern time ,my currently location is Peru i had a partime job from monday trought wedsday from 8-3 pm as physician , the rest of the time i am pretty much available to study i do not use my nights after 9pm cuz is family time , not i do not have a kid , what i already read is microbiology,cardiology,respiratory (is whole integrates from embryology-to pharmacology) use kaplan and goljan for patho , using videos and audios for the same sources, i justed started with renal yesterday and watching BS videos also ,
what i need is a peson who is really willing to share question , set ups a time for study and improve my speed as you can imagine read by myself is difficult ihope i can find that on you if so ad me at skype catigutvel see ya
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