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Boston, MA or ONLINE
Exam date
OCT 2010
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Please PM me
I am studying in the Boston, MA area for USMLE Step 1. I plan to take it in October 2010.

My Main Study Resources for the final 4-6weeks:
First Aid 2010
Goljan Audio
Goljan Rapid Review Pathology

I am studying between 8-12 hrs/day 6-7days/week. I think it would be easier to consistently do 12 hrs/day if I had a study partner.

What I am looking for in a study partner:
I am looking for someone who is self motivated and motivating, in the top half of their class, who has a good grasp of the subject matter, etc.

What I am NOT looking for in a study partner:
I am willing to go through subject material and talk stuff out, but I don't want to feel like I am tutoring anyone.

What I have to offer:
I am self motivated and motivating, easily in the top half of my class, I passed the first two years with ease and started studying a couple months ago. I like to work hard, but like most people it would be easier to keep motivated if I could keep on task with someone.

Some of what I have done:
I have listened to the Goljan Audio a couple times, annotated it into the Rapid Review, read and annotated First Aid 2010, streamed Kaplan videos and annotated the books (although I don't think I will look back at the Kaplan material due to time constraints), etc...etc... I have done a lot of work, but don't be thrown off by that. It takes me a few passes to get stuff to stick.

Hopefully not too long. I just thought I would be upfront since this is such an important exam for everyone. If you think we can work together please let me know. If not, I totally understand. Best of luck either way!! :)
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