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Looking for USMLE Step 1 study partner in Egypt- cairo or online

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Egypt- Cairo or online
Exam date
not yet
Gender Preference
Male or Female
Ethnicity / Nationality
Type of study
Will later decide together
How to Contact
Please PM me
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hi omnia i am amany also from Egypt. I also need study partener for step 1 my email [email protected]
welcome amany :) I've just added u...
i am from cairo also

will take exam on may 2011

hey omnia,,,
am ahmed from alexandria-gastro resident..
may we can be partners in finishing step 1 US..
i have just finished section 1 biochemistry and will start in section 2 genetics..but i can start anything on the crossroads now...
tell me what is ur plan ??
my email is
[email protected]
waiting for reply...
yaser from cairo medical school emteyaz 2010/2011
just started two days ago ;D
enshalla planning the exam on july
currently studying physiology
hi my name is muhammed im emtyaz in cairo medical school . . im lookin 4 a study partner takin things seriously
my e-mail is [email protected]
Doctors, I'd like to know if you guys get together to study or just do it online. You see, I'm second year and I was wondering if you guys would let me sit through some of your study sessions to get some sort of idea. :eek::confused:

Please contact me through email [email protected]
hi doctor;im from egypt.....i will start preparation in few days....i hope to know ur plans:)

keda momken teb2a study group
yareet n share our plans 7atta online wnshoof ek donya feha eh
am tking the exam in june/july isa
already started
very serious (law feeh 7ad lessa badry 3aleeh felmozakra momken adeelo my experience fe el kotob wel taree2a w keda aw law feeh 7ad hayzaker aw ebtada fa momken m3a ba3d ba2a)
hi doctors, i hope to jion with you in studying ,i am egyption and living in usa,please contact me my sky pe doaa7581
Guys its too late but any go thru their examz and finished plz share your experience! :)
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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