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Looking for USMLE Step 1 study partner in Faisalabad/ Pakistan

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Faisalabad/ Pakistan
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i m dr.salman
looking for a study partner to discuss step 1 stuff, having very positive attitute towards studies,having high esteems of securing 99. if anyone with similar thinking, msg me, thanks
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on line partner for the usmle preparation.

hello, dr: salman
i dr: latif ispirring to be one of your partners in the preparation of usmle, graduate from rawalpindi medical coolege , pakistan .
i have desire to get 99 persent.
my e-mail is : [email protected]
my telephone number is : 00923435599808.
presently free for sudies.
waitting your responce.
thankiing you in anticipation.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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