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Houston, TX
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November 2011
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Please PM me
I am looking for a study partner. I will be beginning and plan to take the test at the end of this year. I can study up to 12 hours a day. Reply if you are interested. If you are in Houston it will be great, but if not we can also do it online not a problem. I am in serious need of motivation and is looking for a serious person who is willing to be on the same page as I.


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Study partner

Hi Diana..
I am female from Jordan..
I read your thread, and i m planning to do my step 1 in August..
I am not in Houston now but planning to move there in few weeks..
I would like to contact you to study together when I arrive there if you don't mind..

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step 1 in aug/11

hi there. if gender dont matter then i would like to partner up with you. a group of 3 or 4 is ok with me as well. i just need to get some mutual motivation going. i am flexible as far as study method, pattern and schedule are concerned. i am busy on mondays and wednesdays but free the other 5 days. let me know if your interested. thanks and good luck.
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