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Pittsburgh/PA or online
Exam date
November 29, 2010
Gender Preference
Ethnicity / Nationality
Prefer Americans, but any nationality would be fine
Type of study
Will later decide together
How to Contact
Please reply to this thread
i'm searching for a study partner between the dates of oct 15 and nov 15.....i would have finished with the kaplan lectures and FA by for those 4 weeks, i want to review UW qbanks apart from NBME and few other qbanks if possible....and another quick review of the high yield concepts...
basically need someone who can be encouraging and that this will be of mutual benefit....
if you are living in pittsburgh, tht wud be awesome...if not, we could skype at a convenient time....we'll just have to work that out...if you also have the exam date around the same time as mine, it would be great for the both of us...
so, if you are interested, please reply and lets take it from there...cheers!

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Hi; wel ur requested gender preference confronts with me but still u want 2 keep up thn send me private msg.
Also whr u uptil nw in the course?? ...​
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