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Preparing to take step 1 Nov 2011


I'm also planning on taking step 1 Nov 2011, and trying to start preparing for the exam in the next days. Would like to join any of you to study. Skype username: maagaab

I'm trying to work on a study schedule now...

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Yes. I've graduated 4 years ago.
I have First Aid for comprehensive and still deciding which books for each subject. BRS for Pathology, High Yield Behavioral, BRS Biochemistry, Kaplan notes, those are the ones I have.
What are you reading?
ahan..well im reading BRS for physiology, pharmacology and behavioral sciences, Goljan for Pathology, MRS for microbiology, Highyield for gross anatomy and neurosciences and Kaplan notes for biochemistry. will start first aid once im done with my first read.
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