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via SKYPE ( USA preferbly )
Exam date
pretty soon
Gender Preference
Male or Female
Ethnicity / Nationality
Type of study
Online - Emails - Skype - Messengers
How to Contact
Please PM me
I want a SERIOUS sp who is in the step that want to revise, memorize and solidify Usmle World questions and can link to FA. I am available every night ( 10 pm -12 pm ) so I think we can bring up the trouble questions from UW and discuss them together. Therefore, you have better done UW and FA at least once :) , then we will be at the same page. Please please I need some one who is very serious about this and be on time, no lots of excuses :( Wish you all the best of LUCK !!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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