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Please reply to this thread
My journey for finding a study partner began 3 months ago. I tired several usmle forums and found the following deadbeat people. Mostly, women from Middle East, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. They have excuses for not studying and how their life suck with family and kids. Most of them have multiple personalities on many forums. Here are the Skype IDs for these IDIOTS! moon1234, prepprep02, zeynep-e, yarlenisb9, y2usmle, laketim21,, sakkymoore, romana.kanta, reda_girgis, tankbund1, nguoivienxu3, trishamirza, mariyum11, landmark04, kanthivaragani, alasiri, huma7112, gsiofy11, binaqureshi, drbarium, usmlefriend, neha.kdn, akalya.yogarajah, i.devi.2009, doc2585, fauziashahid, hsultana1, jan2010uary, kiren2011, drmg1126, vivalavictoria, monikausmle, keerthipuppala, meena.kshi, ramasrik24, salma.a.memon, do_or_die786, sarahsaeed80, suman_ochani, drusmle2, usmle04, aceusmle123, iamamar5, defying_gravity22, ashif_ny, divyananthram, krismle, marwabadr2004, nikgem145, usmle14, sumayya.2k, sun.flower468, yasnachaudhar, aqua21480, dedicated, doc_azi1, dr.preethivinay, hina roa, kiren2011, rain.pearls, risingsun2013, rosegirl04, amany.tolpa, amina.naseem, iman.asif, purplelily66,
PREP FOR USMLE user IDs. zaiba1234, barca4ever, mr_blake, usmiles, Esrra, dr_smillingtears, dr.houston, hyvee (the ultimate Idiot from Egypt), dedicated,
They have been studying for years. Look OUT!
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