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LA Downtown or Pasadena
Exam date
Dec 22
Gender Preference
Male or Female
Ethnicity / Nationality
Type of study
Will later decide together
How to Contact
Please reply to this thread
Looking for SP near LA Downtown or Pasadena

I am VERY serious with Step 2 CS and want to do a thorough job in mastering it. I have my Step 2 CS exam on Dec 22nd.

I study 10-12 hr/ everyday;

I live in Los Angeles near Kaplan, Pasadena. I prefer FACE TO FACE or Skype Studying. I have a house very comfortable and we can study loud or if you want to do it in library we can do that as well.

As I mentioned I am very serious and if you are in the same phase as mine in your studies, then I like to hear from you.

PM me or mail me at [email protected]
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