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Is there any special requirements of writing LoR? Is simple letterhead and signature enough? Is there any verification process of the writer? Is it a simple scan and upload process for paper LoR of non-US doctor?
If anyone could answer or provide appropriate link would be of great help.

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LoRs are submitted online through the Letters of Recommendation Portal through ERAS. There is a step by step user guide for the authors who need help.

Everything you need to know about LoRs is provided at:


Some brief tips:
  • Must be on official letterhead and in PDF format
  • You will have to submit your author through MyERAS to obtain a Letter Request Form to give your Author
  • The author or someone they designate must be the ones to submit it, unless you do not waive your right to see the letter

Hope this helps!

-Olivia Mishler
Match A Resident Support
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