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LoR Slot Request Status!

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So I'm a complete newbie to the whole "ERAS" process.

It says LOR SLOT REQUEST STATUS NOT RECEIVED under my application highlighted in red in eras.
Which therefore doesn't allow me to click on the checked boxes to send my LOR's to my designated programs and so forth..

Although on the same ERAS page. it does mention all 3 LOR's Ive submitted

and on the page that shows the "verification and receipt of ERAS documents' in oasis ,
it says they've received my LOR's on august 17th..

What do I need to do?
Does that mean there's a problem with them attaching my LOR's? Wouldn't I be notified someway of such a problem?
or do I have to wait for it to work itself out?
or do I need to call the help desk and figure it out

there's an asterisk with the following msg as well:
Request Received status means ERAS has processed your LoR slot request and your designated dean’s office has received the request. Request Not Received indicates your request has not been processed or forwarded to your designated dean’s office.

so according to that my lor's haven't been processed or forwarded to my designated deans offlice?
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thanks lee,

i figured it out,
i guess i didn't click on submit request for LOR's

i just did that, and now it says LOR request received.. i think im good to go now,

thanks alot
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