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Hey guys I sent some LoRs yesterday and I am sending one can anybody tell me what is the next step???
where can I track them???...I know that I have to wait for 5 days for them to be seen on OASIS........

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It can take more than 5 days

It can take up to 10 days until it's shown as received in your OASIS account.

After that you can track when it's scanned in ADTS. For more information about ADTS please read here

Expect up to 3 weeks from the time it's received until they are uploaded into your ERAS account.

Please remember to request LoR slots in your ERAS account, again refer to this

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Sequence of events

when lors r uploaded can we see them...i hav reserved slots for they assign it to the slots or we hav to do it????
thanks in advance
You can track your documents in the ADTS which is found in your myERAS programs tab and then click on track applications.

The sequence of events:

  1. You request a slot in myERAS
  2. Your designated Deans' Office (e.g. ECFMG) download your request
  3. Your designated Dean's Office receive the documents that you sent by mail
  4. Your designated Dean's Office approve your documents and then scan them and send them to ERAS post office
  5. Your ADTS will then show that your documents arrived to your myERAS account
  6. You can then assign these LoRs to the programs that you will be applying for.
For further details please read here
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