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LoR "Waive Rights" better or not?

  • It's better to "waive our rights" to see the LoR

    Votes: 25 67.6%
  • It's better NOT to "waive our rights" to see the LoR

    Votes: 13 35.1%

LoRs, Waive My Rights or Not

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It's has always been noted that "waiving your rights" for the LoR carries an advantage over not doing that with regard to letters of recommendations for residency application.

However, I personally think that not waiving the rights carries significant advantages, these are:

  • Faster processing time, as the letter writer does not need to write coversheet and DSF and send the letter by himself/herself.
  • You yourself read the LoR and see if there are mistakes in it, such as the AAMC ID number or the spelling of your name.
  • In rare instances, the letter writer may actually write bad about you!

Let's see what you think about that?
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I did an elective recently and my attending agreed on giving me an LoR...she asked me whether i want to waive my right to see the letter or not....she said that she has served in the selection committee for many residency programs and if u don't waive your right your application is red tagged....I am not applying fr match this year i will do so next I won't have a AAMC ID till next what should I ask her to do? can u b sure that the attending will give u a nice letter...n will my asking her not to waive after she has advised me to waive upset her?:scared:
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:confused: i am doing electives as a student n i have decided to do a year of research before when i apply the letter will be a year should I ask them for a LoR right before applying...wont it affect the quality of my LOR coz the wont even remember me and what I did clearly? then what should u I do?
I dont understand what is it mean to
Waive My Rights or Not in LOR
I could do that but asking them fr a letter one time only is so difficult....wil thy do it fr us two times!!!
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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