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At Lotus, we take pride in excelling in the performance of our candidates taking Step 2 CS. We are dedicated to offering candidates from all over the world unique training experience.

Our online platform course is delivered by practicing and highly trained medical professionals who teach at high levels and are backed by successes in USMLE. They offer real insight and experience in all our training courses.

Our intensive program focuses on using Integrated Clinical Encounters (ICE), Communication and Interpersonal Skills (CIS) and Spoken English (SEP) in each case presented and discussed.
We take pride in having attained excellent success rates from candidates who have benefited from our course.

Due to the limitations of social distancing we have moved away from face-to-face interaction to an online platform while still maintaining the highest standard of content delivery.
The strength of our program lies in its replication of the exam scenarios. With more than 80 exam cases via our online interactions with our professional Standardised Patients (SP's), live and detailed feedback is provided with a focus on ICE, CIS, and SEP components for each case. Each candidate's patient notes are critiqued against an ideal patient note.

Through interactive case discussions and plenty of practice, we ensure a detailed understanding of exam dynamics while identifying weaknesses and strengths to prepare participants to approach the exam exuding with confidence.

Our program is spread over four modules which are booked separately.
• Module 1 - CVS, RS, HEENT, and General
• Module 2 - CNS, Psychiatry, and Endocrine
• Module 3 - OBGY, Paediatrics and STD's
• Module 4 - Orthopaedics and Surgery

Each module is spread over two days and covers more than 20 cases in a small group of participating candidates, who in-turn take cases in an exam simulated setting. Every candidate's performance is matched against the high standards set by USMLE. The constructive feedback that follows every case is extremely valuable to address individual weaknesses and to consolidate their strengths as they progress through the program.

Merely reading books and observing video performances hardly scratches the surface of the task required for preparation. There is no substitute to practice, practice, practice along with live constructive feedback which results in developing confidence.
We are delighted to offer a £100 discount when you book the 4 modules together.

To ensure our standards are kept high we are restricting the number of participating candidates. When these places are filled we will open for a limited number of observing candidates who will have the opportunity to listen.
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