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Low Step 1 Step 2 Scores

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What to do if you scored low in step 1 and step 2?

Let's face it, this for sure a difficult situation and chances are grim of getting matched.

But there are things that can be done to improve the chances:

These are:

  • Do observership or externship in place where there's a chance that they'll take you
  • Research and peer reviewed publications will help a lot
  • Adding step 3 with high score will certainly rectify your status and boost your ERAS
  • Find "low-profile" programs that can accept low scores
  • Tell your network of friends and doctors to find for you a suitable PD or PC to talk to and to communicate with
  • Doing some fellowship before residency will certainly lend you a residency post thereafter
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Doing all this research and stuff could be good but why not just dive straight into the low profile programs, unless you want to aim higher, all this work we have to do, they should start a degree program " How to become a doctor in the US if you are not from the us"
I think no matter what, we should always do whatever we can to go for the best. I mean..hey...this is the reason why we are aiming for the states instead of settling down in our own home country right?
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