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The Center i went (toronto) gave me 2 boards + marker to write on... There board was as big as the Step 1 First Aid books Cover... the marker depends on your center... I got 2 different sizes, one big, one small.

You can write on both sides of the board.. But you will have to save space to keep your log in key so you can re-enter the block when you decide to go back on break.

For my exam, i decided to write stuff that i knew i would never remember during the exam... So i wrote out the full P-450 System inducers and Inhibitors drug list.

Alot of other people tend to write out formula's but again, write out something you know that you have trouble remember during the exam...

You can only write on the board as soon as you enter the examination room, but as soon as you enter the room.. you can start the exam @ any time... but you have to be at the center 30 mins before your scheduled exam although... Dont be too late cause a bunch of other students are doing or trying to start the exams at the same time.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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