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here is my plan..

step 1 taken a couple of days back.dec 2010

step2 CK end of march 2011

step2 CS end of june 2011

I have a few questions i hope someone can help or guide me

1) Is 3 months each enough for both steps?

2) How much time for cs result?

3) Can I give step 3 before the CS result? and how much time to prep for that?

4) when will I be able to start applying for a match- Aug or Sept?

thanks..plz answer my questions..i am really clueless

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Answers to your questions

Yes your plan seems very realistic.

Yes you can prep for the CK and CS within the time frame you mentioned for detailed info please look here
and here

You can register in ERAS in August 15 but you won't start applying to the programs until September 1st. for more information please read here

You cannot register for Step 3 until you are ECFMG certified and for more information please read here

CS results take anywhere between 6 weeks and three months to come out.
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