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hi feels so great to write about something which i always thought of writing since i began reading posts on the forum.finally i have given the exam and it feels relaxed and anxious at the same time.:happy:
but i am glad that i have done it...i always wanted to and now i have..finally.i dont know how much i will get but i will survive...i did the best i could in the here it is my step 1 journey...
i am an IMG,graduated 10 months ago.started my prep 9 months ago but serious studies only 6 months ago.

kaplan videos all subjects,
kaplan lecture notes,
first aid 2010,
cases for usmle by fa authors,
doctors in training lectures and notes[read only 1/2 of them]

3-Q Banks
u world and kaplan q bank.

when i started my preparation for step i did not have a lot of information about it i.e. how to study and what books to do.i enrolled in kaplan centre prep and there i did learned about fa!!! yes i was that ignorant.:rolleyes:
i started to read up notes along with the kaplan lectures completed them in 2 months because i was too lazy and wasn't motivated enough.i always thought at that time that i have loads of time and will be able to do it slowly.well i was very wrong.

i faced some pretty hard time during that phase and that made me realize how much this matters to me. and yes then i did got serious.

i fixed up my exam date and told myself that i have delayed it enough and will give it in December.i did kaplan q bank and u world alongside.i started with getting 44-50% in random timed block.never did the tutorial mode because i always thought that it will defeat the purpose of q bank.while doing q bank i read fa and wrote down the extra info i came did fill up my fa margins.

in the last 2 months of prep i reviewed my weak points from kaplan notes and fa.reviewed fa completely using doctors in training lectures.and completed both q banks.

did nbme 7 10 days before my fa twice after that.

my exam was in another city so i had to come here one day before the did relax me traveling and not thinking about step for few hours.
i reached 24 hrs before went to my prometric centre and then i got the shock of my life!!1:eek:
i had taken only my prometric confirmation email printout with me to centre and when guard and proctor over there asked me to show me my permit i showed them my confirmation printout.they told me that this is not the permit and i need to print it out from ecfmg website.i cannot tell in words how panicked i was at that time.but still i tried to calm myself thinking that 20 hours are left before the exam and i can get it.
i did get it so no harm done!! phew..

by the time i got back to hotel i was exhausted from al the i did what everyone on the forum had advised.i tried to relax by watching tv and read up on fa reading only few topics randomly which i knew i am weak in.slept for full 7 hours.

reached centre next day 30 mins before the my documents checked and they took fingerprints and the time i entered the room with my terminal i was so hyper that i thought i might start jumping up and down from all the adrenalin rush i was having.

exam format is totally same as of u world and the font size is bigger and better.i rushed through the tutorial not wanting to waste time and started on my first block.first block was toughest and i could complete it just in time.did second block which was better.
there were no sequential items till now and only one audio question.the clarity of audio and visual in exam is much better.all the ct's,MRI etc were pretty clear and easy to identify the structures in them,but question regarding such visual info were not at all simple.they generally required you to identify and then would ask about what would happen if this thing happened to this structure..
so by now i was onto end of my second block.i had thought about taking a break after it but even after doing second block i didn't feel tired at all so went ahead and started on my 3 block.took a 20 min break after this.had juice and few glucose biscuits.went back in and did next 3 blocks in row.took 15 min break.listened to my favorite songs and had can of coffee and sandwich.went back in and did the last 2 blocks.came out and my first instinct was to come and tell all of you guyz.
this forum has been with me throughout my prep and i have learned a lot from regards for forum seniors sabio,rasheed.
and my friends-step1an,ashish kabir,seetal,haisook,mpz013. thank you for being here for me.
i love this forum!!:D
would post another post regarding high yield info and lessons i learnt from my experience soon.
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