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The CS section of the USMLE requires medical students to have very good English pronunciation. I am a native English-speaker, and I'm an English tutor who has taught many doctors and nurses over the years.

I have specialized experience in helping people to improve their pronunciation, and I can help you to improve your speaking before you take the CS test. Unfortunately, many students don't realize how bad their English speaking is until after they take the test and fail the CS section. Why not prepare in advance so that you can get the best score possible?

I tutor in Pittsburgh, and also online via Skype (with webcam). Please e-mail me for rates and lesson information. I can provide you with a free 15-minute consultation, in which I will listen to your speaking, and then point out your trouble areas. If you would like to study with me after the consultation, we can then discuss when and how often.

All the best,
[email protected]
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