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Hi Guys,

I would really appreciate it if you guys can give me some advice. I am an IMG student, who attended a Caribbean medical school. I was able to finish my basic sciences but was unable to take my step 1 with them. I had to transfer out to another medical school which isn't NY and California approved due some financial reasons. This medical school was able to sponsor me for my step 1 exam and so far i haven't done any course work or clinical rotations with them. In between i also had to take an year off from medical school to save some money and take care of some family issues. I recently took my step 1 and received a 240. I am aware that i already have a red flag on my application due to the time gaps and a transfer. Some of my friends recently got accepted into Ross and AUA medical school which are both Cali and NY approved for residency. Is it worth the risk for me to transfer to these medical schools as i will have have more residency spots to apply at? If i transfer to these school, this will be my third medical school. Do you guys recommend the transfer or would it be better for me to just stick with my current medical school? Ross medical is a good Caribbean medical school and has good reputation. Plus they offer great clinical rotations. Guys i would really appreciate any advice in this matter.

Thanks in advance!
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