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Recently the success of MatchAResident has been clearly shown and the evidence is that the same people are expanding into and just recently MeetAResident!

MeetAResident is service that can be utilized by both applicants and program directors. Essentially it serves as a conduit between applicants who are striving for a match and program directors who are looking for the appropriate candidate.

It has some amazing features such as the ability to upload a video presentation about yourself! This will certainly let the program director get to know you in-person and up close and personal.

It's structured in a way so that program directors can search the whole database of applicants so that they can see who's got 99 and USCE and is applying for Anesthesiology for example. This way they may have access to applicants that have never applied for them in ERAS.

Interlinking the applicants and programs directors sounds a great idea. But there's a significant amount of skepticism here. For example, not all applicants are registered with meetaresident and also who said that program directors have enough time to look up just another database in addition to the piles of application papers they already have on their desks!

It could be very useful though in the Scramble Match as PDs and applicants both have not enough time to approach each other in a matter of 72 hours.

So here we are having just another unofficial ERAS hub that we need to worry about for our matching process :)


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