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It is no secret that we all get confused about it from time to time as most of the mnemonics don't do the justice to the complexity of the concept. So I decided to create a system that shall help us all remember the essentials so we can answer basic USMLE questions

For MEN1: we are all asked to remember 3Ps. Pituitary, Parathyroid and Pancreas. Fair enough but what gets confusing during the exam is when ou suddenly forget if Pheochromocytoma was also one of the Ps! No it is not because it is pronounced fee and not pee. Moving right along-

MEN2a: Classical mnemonic is 2Cs and 1 P: I personally think this is where all the Ps and Cs all start to get jumbled so forget it for now and just remember it has1 p and thyroid brothers.

Which P is it ? so remember the P is the one we left out from MEN 1 because it was fee, Rest is time pass (TP) Thyroid and Parathyroid.

MEN2b is really not a problem at all mucocutaneous neuromas!!

This is so done :)
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