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Microbiology doesn't like me...

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Just needed to rant, my Qbank microbiology percentile is pretty disheartening considering how much time I put into that stuff. My anatomy and physiology is encouraging, but that darned Jove I will conquer it. Off to read FA chapter again.
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Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments. Sometimes studying can get so frustrating and I just feel like venting, but I don't like to complain to my family and friends because although they mean well, I don't think they understand. You guys are in the same situation or have gone through it before, so thanks for understanding!
Hey Sibb,
I'm doing my first pass too, but right now I am only using FA, CMMRS, and Basically my strategy is to try to get a really good understanding of FA (actually trying to memorize alot of the micro and pharm), and just using CMMRS to clarify things or if I need a mnemonic. After I finish reading each bug in FA, I read up on that bug on GT and do the review flashcards. I will have 6 weeks dedicated time to study starting March, so my goal is to do at least 1 pass of FA before that and bank all the GT flashcards. I am not very good at just sheer memorization, but I think micro and pharm needs a lot that so I am using flashcards.
Good luck, and hope that helps!
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