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hi! i am a fresh grad IMG,.. currently preparing for my step 1,...

I must have subscribed to a dozen forums on the USMLE,.. but so far ive found an information vacuum on military hospitals... i dont know whether its a lack of interest from IMGs, a non-viable pathway for IMGs,... or just an extraordinary dead end in today's information superhighway?

I have a GC,.. so for the army and the navy's regular recruitment standards, i should be able to enlist (the airforce does not welcome non-citizens)... but i was wondering,.. do militray hospital training programs have different standards?

I read somewhere they have an early deadline for match applicants ( results are released on December),.. but thats all ive found,.. nothing on requirements etc...

also,.. for the militray hospitals in California,.. is the California letter also a requirement?

thanks guys...
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