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Am I the only one detecting mistakes in Kaplan QBank Step 1 or they r others too?
If so how do u do about it?

Example of mistakes are:

1. Asking a wrong Q for a right concept (ex: Q: about niacin side effect flushing (good) but then pt come w/ massive increase TG & the doc begun Treatment w/ niacin (really) & in explanation niacin decrease TG (yeah it decrease but not its strongest effect & so it won't be my first choice of treatment ....

2. A wrong pressure - volume loop curve to show Aortic Stenosis ... The Q answer explanation didn't help me & I couldnt rationalize the curve to Aortic stenosis at all end up ve a bad dream about it (lool) .....

Am not a genius but can't pass those ... Any ideas will help me be in peace with it ...
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