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I repeated solving these two questions twice (over a period of one year) and every time I chose the wrong answer!

Q1, if UAC is coding for Tyrosine then what could be another codon coding for it?
a- AAC b- UAG c-UCC d-AUG e-UAU

The correct answer is E but I always choose B forgeting that UAG is actually a stop codon!

Q2, where is the mutation in patient with a disease in which the defect is lack of secretion of a protein and the protein get accumulated in the cytoplasm?
a- 5 prime untransalted region b- first exon c- middle intron d- last exon e- 3 prime untranslated region

The correct answer is B, because in order for proteins to be secreted they have to be pulled into the RER by recognizing the N-terminal amino acid sequence which of course would be first translated as amino acids are translated from NH2 to COO direction.

I feel very stupid
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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