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More protiens than there are genes?

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The molecular basis behind the presence of far more proteins than there are respective genes is explained by which of the following in humans --- bacteria respectively?

A- mRNA both side reading --- Polycistronic mRNA
B- DNA template and coding strands transcription --- Alternative splicing
C- Alternative splicing --- Polycistronic mRNA
D- Redundancy --- Degenerate code
E- Gene variation --- Posttranslational modification
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the ans is C. human eukaryotic mRNA undergo alternative splicing which allows diff proteins to be expressed by the same gene eg:diff dopamine receptors (so all eukaryotes mRNA are monocistronic). in contrast prokaryotics are both monocistronic and polycistronic.
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yes the answer is C. i agree with dr. achistikbenny.
option C

alternative splicing in humans can create several proteins from a single gene.

polycistronic mRNA in bacteria: 1 gene-->1 mRNA--> several proteins coded

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