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Team to ACE Step 1 Exam -for everyone who will take the exam in the next six month

first of all congratulation on taking this path and hope you reward it and achieve what you deserve and what you want

this is our time
this our moment

there plenty before us
and more to come

it happens to be our time

this is the video for us

so lets achieve it together

hand by hand
to ace the exam

first of all every one to write when he will take the exam
and what he done so far

and I will start by me

Expected to take the exam in :May 2011
my pathway:Finish Anatomy-Physiology-Bio
and now focusing in Path and Behavirol Science for a month then 2 weeks for pharma and the rest i will review them all with FA and UW

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It's all about motivation !!!!!

This is a motivational video that i stumbled upon while on youtube , I watch it whenever I feel down during the course of my preparation _ which is so often. it helped me cope so I though I'd share it with you guys , to whoever needs a motivation .
good luck.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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