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1- Yes, CMMRS only has micro in it. Of course you can complement it with kaplan immuno section (this is also what i'm doing). I hear that the immuno section in Kaplan is not half as bad, it's much better than kaplan. If you definitely want to strive for the best book I think you can find, try Levinson review of microbiology and immunology. I've read amazing reviews on it's immuno section and it's only about 90 pages long. The micro section on that book is good also but you can skip it and use CMMRS instead. I've heard that Rapid Review Immunology is bare-bones and to the point, this could be an option if you have a good immuno base.

2- Well you could always read the physiology part on FA per organ system. It's only like about 2-5 pages aprox. of each organ system section. If it isn't too late you can always change your study method; read the physiology of the organ system you'd like to study then go to that section on FA then continue studying other parts of that system like pathology, pharmacology, anatomy etc.

Hope this helps. I'm also just starting to study so take what you need from this. Good luck. :happy:

USMLE newbie ;D:sleepy:[/QUOTE]
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