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hello fellas,
i have two questions,

1. i bought this book (microbiology MRS) as i founded the top resource for this subject, as i was going through the index i found out that there is no immunology section. Does this mean that i have to get another book for immunology or i can use the kaplan lecture not immunology section? actually the Kaplan LN were not recommended for micro, so is there is another high rated book for immunology other than the kaplan....thanks in advance

2. as i am currently studying physiology, i tried to look back to the FA to review what i studied from BRS and KAplan, but it is kinda hard to follow the track of physio through the FA as it is divided as organ system-based classification, so simply i have to go through the whole FA
aren't there any simpler way to track physiology other than this silly method in the FA?

USMLE newbie ;D:sleepy:
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