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Hi everyone,

I just got my MSPE today from my Medschool. At first I was not sure that they can provide me the MSPE (it's just a few sentences from my dean and mention about my rank compared to my peer during clinical rotation).
Today, I just got it.
my question is :
1. Should I send the MSPE , and apply now, since it's gonna take 3 week, to upload to eras.
2.or wait and apply when the MSPE already upload by eras?
3.just forget about the MSPE, since I am an IMG. (apply without MSPE available)

Thanks, really appreciate...

p.s. getting more anxiety, since I haven't apply yet.

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Apply Now

You shouldn't be waiting for your MSPE to apply. You should apply with or without MSPE (Dean Letter) because it's not important for IMGs.

Moreover, even if your MSPE is scanned into ERAS post-office it won't be made available for programs until November 1st because this is the date when they release the MSPEs to programs.

Go and apply right now and don't wait for the MSPE
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