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First a thank you to this site and all contributors, your posts were very helpful in exam preparation.

I am not going to mention the center were I took the exam and am not going to mention the cases that I got. You know this is against the rules. So don't send me PMs asking me about the cases, I will not answer them.

My first patient encounter was an unmitigated disaster. I did not have any clue what the case is about and I stared in the patient's face on several times.

Amazingly, you will find yourself an absolute idiot when you go out of the room. You will remember all the things that you should have asked and done. Don't let this disappoint you, just go on.

Starting from the second case, things started to become little better gradually.

On one encounter I forgot to wash my hands and in another I forgot to drape the patient!

These SPs are fantastic actors. Often during the exam you'll forget that these are actually SPs!
STAY CALM! If you start to panic, things go wrong.

Treat patients as if its a typical clinic day and not an exam.

If you think of them as SPs out to get you, the battle is lost!

My last advice;
Practice, Practice, Practic

PS: Got my results == Passed :)

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ApplicantGuide, You are one of the most trusted USMLE resources in the Internet. Many of my friends are talking about you.
Could you please tell me what websites are you having right now. We want to follow you :)
:) Thank you for giving me this honor :rolleyes:. I have many blogs, all are connected to one main blog. These blogs are still under daily update and construction.
My main blog is

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