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My B1/2 Visa Preparationa and Interview Experience to go for US Electives

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I couldn't find any detailed visa interview experience on this forum.
So here is mine, hope this helps you all.
I got my B1/2 Visa today for an elective.

Documents which I had prepared
1. First of all Invitation letter from the university is needed.
2. Also if you are student take a letter from your medical school stating that you are still a student and will be required to return to the college to pursue your degree.
3. Your CV along with it clip your mark sheet.
4. Financial Statement from CA.
5. Your parents sponsorship letter for your trip
6. Photocopy of all the financial assets.
7. Your parents Income Tax Return for the last three years.
Keep your all documents arranged in an orderly manner so that you don't fumble around in front of the counselor.

My interview was scheduled at 9.15 a.m.
We are allowed to enter the embassy only 45 minutes before scheduled time so don't be too early it will kill your energy. After all my security checkup and biometrics I was taken to waiting room. After waiting for about an hour my turn came questions asked from me were as following :
Why are you going to US?
Where are you going in US? (means which hospital)
Which school you are studying in?
How did you to come to know about the place where you applied for?
What's your current status? (student or employed)
Will you be paid by the hospital for your elective?
Who is gonna pay for your trip?
What do your parents do?
What are your future plans after the elective?
Have you been to us before?

You need to look confident and act confident. Tell everything truthfully as the counselor are sharp enough to notice your lies.
Always be neutral in the statement you make and your answer should be crisp.
No confusing answers.
The process is very swift and its the only blunder which you make will hamper your visa chances.
May be I am missing some thing but will write as soon as I remember.

In case you have any doubts you may ask me here.
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i have recently been refused for usa visit visa for electives, i got super nervous in my interview and said that electives was not related to my course plus i have no travel history. so what next step should i take in order to get the visa
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