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Hey all
I just finished my first reading of USMLE books. I am planing to schedule my exam on late Jan 2011 and according to my time line, I finished my first read 2 weeks earlier than it was supposed to take .. so all in all, i have an extra 2 weeks of studying and i would like to share with you my books to see if you guys recommend any new ones to read

Anatomy, Histology and Embryology : Kaplan lecture notes
Neuroanatomy : Kaplan lecture notes and high yield ( some chapters I felt missing from Kaplan, so mainly Kaplan )
Physiology : Costanzo BRS
Pathology : BRS
Pharmacology : Kaplan lecture notes
Behavioral : BRS
Biochemistry : Kaplan lecture notes
Immunology : Kaplan lecture notes
Microbiology : Made ridiculously simple ( MRS )
Biostatistics : Appleton and Lange

and before all for sure first aid

and I am planning to practice UW and Kaplan Qbanks in a month and a half or two
What do u think guys? are these enough or should I start looking for some new resources ? any suggestions are appreciated

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Sounds good -you have to do about 100 questions a day for Kaplan and UW to meet your 45 - 60 day limit if you want to finish both Kaplan and UW completely. My advice, make sure you leave time to do UW questions a couple of times just so you have the answers down.
Good luck!
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