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My CS Experience

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My experience was an overall good one, looking in retrospect, but I want to tell you that you are doubtful from the moment you walk out of the testing center until you receive your results. But as long as you have studied 4 solid days or more for this exam, you will do fine. Now, I say 4 solid days because that's what I studied 4 solid days. But I should tell you that I am an AMG and we have done sort of practice CS exams since our first year in medical school so we are very familiar with this examination. Now, with that being said, my bf is an IMG and he needed much more time. So, practice this until you are comfortable. The thing I most struggled with on the CS was the patient notes. I finished the encounter on time except for one case in which i had to do a neurological examination. But I did not worry about this because this is expected. Just make sure you do your HEENT, CV, Resp, Abd, Ext and you'll be fine. I'm not saying this is all necessary, but this is what I did and I passed & you will too!! Good luck & God bless your future medical endeavors!!
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