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My experience shipping my TRX

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I've seen several posts asking about the most reliable shipper and which company to use and wanted to share my experience so far so that others can avoid some headache. I reached out to a few companies to have my TRX shipped from Delaware, Ohio to Orange County, CA and got quotes from $1,600-2,400. There was a common trend with lower quotes aligning with poorly reviewed shippers and pretty much anyone $2,000 and above having strong reviews. The one consistency with a majority of the shippers was the transactional feeling and lack of overall care for the customer. There were only two organizations that were transparent and felt like they actually wanted to create a long term customer and not just a quick buck.

One thing I did not expect was that some of these companies were posting my shipment onto load boards even though I only asked for a quote and never committed to anything. A load board, for those who are unaware, is where brokers post routes/shipment requests for drivers to pick up. The complication with this is that they purposely post high paying rates on there so that you can't get a driver to pick up your route with another company if it is lower paying. Avoid shopping out your route to a bunch of companies because it will cause headache for you, the shipper you commit too, and can even delay your truck getting picked up if one of those companies refuses to pull your route off the load board.

I ended up speaking with Jaron from Stopwatch on multiple occasions and chose to work with him because of the straightforward, no BS approach he takes with his customers and because of the positive experiences others have had. He is right in the middle cost wise and actually wants to help. My truck is going to be picked up by one of his drivers in the next couple of days and I will keep this updated until I receive my truck. Assuming the rest of the experience is as positive, I wouldn't waste your time looking into other companies, just work with Jaron.
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It's fantastic that you shared your experience with the TRX trainer. It was beneficial to me.
It's always good to learn about real experiences to avoid headaches. It's crazy that some car delivery companies can be so transactional and not care about their customers. I'm glad you found a company that was transparent and really cared about creating a long-term relationship. I hadn't heard of Stopwatch before, but they are doing it right. I will keep them in mind if I ever need to ship a vehicle. I have used auto shipping companies before and have been very satisfied, as I was lucky and the car arrived in perfect condition. Thanks again for sharing with me, and I hope your future experience with StoPudovo goes smoothly!
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