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My feelings after the exam; Is it normal?

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I don't know if its normal but there are 2 things that bother me now that am done with step 1 and waiting for the score

1) I left the Prometric center feeling really really bad, feeling like I failed the test. It's actually very depressing. :toosad:

2) I couldn't, and i still can't remember more than 30 q's I had on the test. The only thing i remember is that all blocks had a lot of genetic and pharmacology questions. :mad: :confused:

Is that normal? did anyone feel the same?
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I mfeeling the same... Also wonderin hw many
ques do we need to ans correctly (approx) to
reach 99... If som1 cld ans dis que, it may help us predict our scores...
but i really wonder the answers i think they were 100% correct if they were really correct!!!!!:eek:
i always had this problem when i gave nbme i xpected a good score but at the end the score was far below my xpectations...Happy-2
we re jus getting crazy :scared:
yea...its extremly scary to think abt wat wer actually the true answers...nd worst part is i cld hardly a couple of ques which i ws nt sure abt, so i cnt even look up for the ans...the thoughts r keeping me haunted all day long...
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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