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My feelings after the exam; Is it normal?

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I don't know if its normal but there are 2 things that bother me now that am done with step 1 and waiting for the score

1) I left the Prometric center feeling really really bad, feeling like I failed the test. It's actually very depressing. :toosad:

2) I couldn't, and i still can't remember more than 30 q's I had on the test. The only thing i remember is that all blocks had a lot of genetic and pharmacology questions. :mad: :confused:

Is that normal? did anyone feel the same?
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That's completely normal

Your feelings are completely normal.

I felt exactly the same after my exam and then I received my 99 results.

The exam experience is painful to the mind and therefore it's subconsciously suppressed and that's why you don't remember the questions.

You should celebrate :happy: your achievement! You did finish one of the most difficult exams you'll ever take in your career.

We'll be waiting for the good news :cool:
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