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My feelings after the exam; Is it normal?

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I don't know if its normal but there are 2 things that bother me now that am done with step 1 and waiting for the score

1) I left the Prometric center feeling really really bad, feeling like I failed the test. It's actually very depressing. :toosad:

2) I couldn't, and i still can't remember more than 30 q's I had on the test. The only thing i remember is that all blocks had a lot of genetic and pharmacology questions. :mad: :confused:

Is that normal? did anyone feel the same?
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hey we re in the same boat...
i gave test on 17th august n xpect result on this wednesday:eek:
my case was exactly the opposite i felt so good after giving the test n i remembered the easy breezy questions only... n ws so happy...
but as the time passed i started getting jettery feelings.... now i dnt even remember hw the test was:p
i really wonder im stupid to xpect a good result..
n reading xperieces posted by other members i see them getting the scores same as their nbmes but in my case i gave atleast 4 nbmes 3 weeks before my due date of test n then kept on studying hard though i felt i improved but still.....:eek::eek:im getting night mares
seriously its a terrible feeling:scared:
im trying to overcome this..:sorry:
n worst of all the posts where people say though they performed well in nbme but they failed to do so in test..eeee!!!! tht freaks me out!!!!!!!!
U're not stupid to expect a good result. If u felt satisfied right after the exam, it's because u did well in all likelihood. At least that is what my experience, and that of some of my friends says. I didn't feel that great after the exam, but i was still kinda satisfied with my performance. Can't help the nightmares and jitters one gets in anticipation of the result, but try to stay calm and pray. Inshallah u'll get a great score.:)
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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