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This is the simplest way I could tell how I Matched and what I did in each month.

link is as follows :)

Hope this helps some of you :) All the best.:D:D:rolleyes:

P.S.- I applied with my CS pending on Sept 27th 2014.

Step 1 Feb 10th 235
Step 2 CK July 24th 242
Step 2 CS August 12th Pass 1st attempt
Step 3 December last week Awaiting results

Research - 2 ICMR projects and 1 college project.

Applied to

42 programs.
10 interviews.

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Thanks Neil, thats a well written blog that could help many of us for the coming years.

I have to ask you this, u said USCE was that an elective/externship or a research exposure? How many US LORs did you have?
Out of your experience, what was the most important consideration - scores/USCE/YOG/overall/uncertain?
Does step 3 give an edge?

Thank you once again and good luck for your future.
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