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Hi guys, i wrote this for myself but i figured i might as well drop it here since it may be useful for someone... it is very long and filled with irrelevant details but you might enjoy it XD

I matched to IM this year so i'm just writing stuff so that i don't forget .


. During my last semester, I wasn't completely sure I wanted to continue my studies in the US. I had started studying for the MIR and I had finished about 4-5 of the CTO books by the time I graduated. In contrast I had skimmed like 20 pages of Kaplan's physiology.​
One September morning, after I had finished my pensum, I just said screwed it all and completely ditched the MIR. I didn't really had a reason, just a gut feeling that I should try to go for the states.

Later on I rationalized this decision by saying that the US had a lower entry barrier than Spain, and this has proven true several times.​
I talked to a friend who had been studying for a while then about what the best method to study would be. Our goal was to Finish all the Kaplan lectures and videos in 4 months, each subject taking from 2 to 1 week. We wanted to finish by January . We used the following order : Pathology (BRS notes+ Goljan audio and notes) , Physiology (Videos+ Kaplan and BRS), Biochem (Kaplan notes+vids), + Pharmacology +Microbiology/Immuno (Kaplan vids+notes), Anatomy (Kaplan vids+notes).

I finished Anatomy around December but by that time I was completely burned out from studying. I studied from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm sharp, and Saturdays for about 5 hours. It wasn't without interruptions but It was enough to make me want to quit the Steps, so during December I applied for a "National internship" in a private hospital .

I began my internship in January, and thanks to a lucky break I was assigned to a very easy position, where I worked for about 4-5 months until I became sick around May/June. I resumed studying in February for about 6 hours a day. This time I began doing Randomized timed blocks on Kaplan Qbank and every day I set a goal to read 10 pages daily from First Aid. I basically read FA like it was a novel, making sure I understood absolutely everything before moving on. I noticed that my grades steadily increased and I believe this is one of the main reasons. I did 70 pages a week using this method and 3 blocks a week (from Monday to Friday) for about 4 months. I finished Kaplan Qbank with a 70% score and about 67% completion.

I was initially planning to take Step 1 around October 2012 but after I became sick around mid year (Chicken Pox, I didn't work for 30 days) I didn't have the desire to continue studying and I was reassigned to a much tougher area where I didn't really have time to study.
I finished my internship at the beginning of 2013 and resumed studying. This time I did Randomized timed Uworld blocks+ FA + My own personal notes regarding my weak spots. I did 1 block per day (5 a week) . I completed Uworld in about 3 months with a 76% . I did both UW assessments, one at 50% (247) and one when I finished it (263).

Uworld doesn't allow screenshots but I used a software called Gadwin Printscreen to screenshot every question I found weird or that I didn't completely dominate. I would occasionally go over these questions to make sure I learned them.

I took my exam around midyear 2013 and scored a 247. I was happy with my score but I aimed for a 250+, honestly. I had so many delays with my test date that I wasn't surprised.
I took several assessments, I don't remember exactly when but these were my scores
NBME 7 : 234 (first one)
NBME 15 : 247 (last one I took)
NBME 13: 254

So that's it folks!, sorry for the length.
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