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I am old medical grad 2010 from India, accepted a prematch offer in IM this year. I studied step 1 for 14 months and got 235 in March 2022 and I wanted to apply to 2023 match. Someone advised me to read Elsebey notes for step 2 as he got 251 within 3 months. I studied Elsebey notes along with UW online for 4 months and got 261 then did 2 months of observeships and studied for step 3 for 2 months and got 241. His notes saved a lot of time as it has all what I needed for step 2 & 3 exam as it includes MTB 2/3/IM and UW step 2/3/ABIM and High yield fact from FA step 1 tested in step 2 & 3. It covers around 95% of the exam questions. His notes for 60$ and you can reach out to him [email protected]. I wanted to share my experience because a lot don't know about his notes. I would rate it as A+ for step 2 & 3. Good luck with your journey.
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