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I just finished the Kaplan course 2 weeks ago ( Dec 7th) and have my exam on Jan 30 2011. Here are my stats:-

Kaplan Qbank: 42% Completed ( ongoing) : 45% ( Other students overall correct is 57%)
UWorld: 40% ( this was 2 months before i took kaplan course, so i really knew nothing).

I plan on redoing U world. I took an NBME 3 wk ago and scored 200 CBSSA Sc0re ( which i know is a fail). From the beginning of kaplan qbank, my scores went up from averaging about 24, 35% to now in averages of late 40's and sometimes 50's %.

I really need some advice. I plan on taking it in a little over a month. I am not sure how much more i can improve. Can anyone experienced please give me some sort of a guideline as to much much more time i may need, and what I should do along the way ( when should i take my next nbme, etc). As of now my study plan includes 3 hrs of First Aid in the morning and then 3 blocks w/ the review for the rest of the day.

Is this plan ok? What else should i do? Im super confused and i need to take it by end of Jan as ive already extended my eligibility period once! Thanks so much guys I really appreciate any help you can offer!:notsure:
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