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Hi. I'll try to keep this short and sweet.

I used 2 full months to study.

When I first started, I literally thought I knew nothing so I wanted to start with a program that taught me how to look at a question and all high yield. I know we are supposed to know everything but I just wanted to know things that would definitely be on the exam. I heard of the 10 day USMLE boot camp course with Varun so I took that first. The question answer format really helped me in that respect. You can access it on usmlebootcamp . selz . com if you want to check it out.

After doing that, I was able to get a strong background in all the high yield info so I was ready for the details. I read first aid one time around in about 10 days.

As I was doing usmle boot camp and first aid, I took some days off to do UWorld. I put all the info from the explanations that I thought was hard to remember in a flashcard. I made sure to do Uworld one time around but do it right. I also read first aid again. I spent the last 5 days going over what I learnt in USMLE boot camp.

Day of the exam:
I wrote all my formulas and polycythemias on a sheet of paper. When I got into the exam, I wrote what I could remember from the sheet. During my breaks, I would look back at the sheet and come back in to write down more formulas and stuff since I never erased anything on the dry erase boards we're given. That helped a ton. Overall, the exam was definitely hard but having seen similar questions/explanations on uworld and doing those flashcards over and over, I was fairly comfortable.

Score and Overall:
Now I'm not comfortable saying my exact score but I can say it was 250+ and I am extremely happy I stuck with 3 great resources (boot camp, uworld, first aid) that were all succint (10 days for boot camp, 20 days to read first aid twice over, 30 days to complete uworld 2-3 question sets a day).
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