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Just a few hours back I got an email for score report....I was like :eek::eek::notsure: ......but when I logged in to OASIS .....ohhh....what a great relief!!!

Thanks GOD its 99/258....and still am like....:happy::rolleyes:

Well I wanted to score >260....but am very very happy with my score...:D is description of my preparation...

I took rather long...approx...7 months...:redcheeks;


Kaplan notes 2009
Kaplan videos 2007
Goljan RR 3rd edition
Kaplan Qbook (only 2 tests of patho & 1 test of physio)
Kaplan Qbank online
UW Qbank online
USMLE Consult online (only 1000 suggestion is don't waste your time in doing this bank if u have done Kaplan and UW....i did wasted 1 month for it....)
FA 2010 (only in last month just to brush up important things....don't rely on it...)

My plan was too simple...I did first reading of Kaplan notes plus Goljan RR...which took around 2 months...then watched Kaplan videos with 2nd reading of all overall I completed all these in 3 months...
then I switched to Kaplan Qbank online....( 1 month)...with an average score of 78%....
1 another month for USMLE consult (did only 1000 Qs)...with average score of 76%....I would suggest don't waste your time doing this bank..rather go through Kaplan notes....I realized it after giving exam....this bank doesn't cover all areas that are being asked in real exam...

While doing Qs...always go through the books...and remember to make really helps...

In last 2 months before exam....
Did UW with 84%....(last 4 blocks remained)
Read FA once...and gone through kaplan notes very the areas I was weak....and the notes I made from Qbanks...well it was of 1000 pgs....but I could not complete make few notes i would say

UWSA1 score 690/254 (1 month before exam)
UWSA2 score 800/265 (10 days before exam)
did all NBMEs all off them was scoring between 180-190...

Last 10 days....went through FA once again....but please don't solely rely on my exam there was nothing that directly came from FA..(at least for me FA didn't worked...but there r many people who solely studied FA n got it depends on u..)

last 2 not not not read...
Well I had to travel in other city(by car n fortunately it get punctured in a way... had lot of fun with family on a dark highway...hehehe:D) relived my anxiety lot...

Day before exam...hmmm....I just relaxed (though it was difficult to relax)...went outside for a while...and spent whole day with family...I tried to sleep early but....obviously it was hard...(of course tomorrow was big day)
so took alprazolam 0.5mg n propranolol 10 mg too...actually m kind of type A personality....:confused:

exam day....woke up at around 6...freshened...n went to GANESHA temple:sorry:....listened some relaxation music all my way to Prometric...

At Prometric...after all preliminary your passport, driving license, finger print..
starts a real thing....1st block...well it was too weird.. for me at least....lots of graph running here and there....and lots of twisted Qs...
2nd 3rd were average...and 4th again too much weird....5th and 6th average...and last was easy....but lots of twisted Qs....

I took break after each and every block....I would suggest...use breaks...:cool:

About the difficulty level....don't expect it to be as easy as NBME..:cool:...better u clear your's all about your understandings...there were lot of topics that were totally weird...and too many twisted Qs....but if you are good at your can answer it well....(Kaplan notes really helped me)

That's enough I think...

And am really thankful to this forum staff and was the only companion through out my journey to 99/258....thanks a lot again....luv u all :D

And hearty thanks to my family and my BF...who were always there for me in my bad days....;)

...there were ups n downs...but finally I made you can too....just give your best effort....:)

Best of luck to all followers....

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Congrats. Khushboo,

You did it...Wish you all the best in step 2 CK.

Hmm..Too confused what to to start CK or Step 1!! many say Step 1 first..But you know..the final year is a revision of cinical sciences..why not CK first?
By the way..I am too weak in Behavioral science, Stats & Psychiatry.

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Love how you kept your plan simple and concise! How many hours on average should we be putting in the last 2 months?
Avg hrs of reading throught preparation was approx 8 or max 10 hrs
I had fixed schedule of study too n for watching tv too(m big fan of idiot box)
I would say the last month is most imp i studied for atleast 12 hrs a day in last month but still my schedule of watching tv was the same till the last day:D
Point here just dont read only u hv to spend some time in other things also like listening music or meditation that really improoves ur concentration n memory...n dont ever compromise ur sleep..u should hv atleast 6 hrs of sleep...though m saying it now but i had gone through sleep deprivation just due to my anxiety but i recovered soon when i started listening relaxation music....

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Lol you sound just like me...I have to get my daily dose of tv (even though i feel guilty afterwards lol) and reading about ppl studying 16 hours a day was a bit scary..glad to know you still managed to sneak in some time for relaxation. I feel a lot more optimistic after reading your reply Thanks:)

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i gave my step one on jan 18th. by when can i expect the results ? they say 6 wks at the end of the test, but really does it take tht long? after how many days did u get ur results?
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