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Hi guys!
I took my first NBME (12) a few days ago. I scored only 190. Well, it's better since the previous one when I scored only 159 (like whaaat).
It took me a while though. I've been out of med school for a little and it does take plenty of time to go through the basics.
I'm taking Step 1 on June 3rd but ideally, would like to be ready earlier so I can start studying for CK (August). I need to apply this year…
Anyway, how do I get a better score? I need at least 230… Is it even possible?
I haven't done behavioral/psychiatry, reproduce, general pharmacology, general pathology yet and don't remember CNS at all..
I did some Uworld but max 60%. I started my subscription all over again and want to go in a random, tutor mode this time.

Any advice greatly appreciated!!! You all are so freaking smart lol and I'm like a child in the darkness!!!!
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